"You're About To Learn  Secrets Most Women Will  Never Know About ... 

 How To Tell Which Guys  Make Great Mates"


With a Little help!

Angela Michaels is the author of  "Selection Secrets: How To Tell Which Guys Make great Mates"

Wouldn't it be great if we knew, absolutely,  how to get the "Happy Ever After" that is supposed to follow when we have found our Prince Charming?

Hi, my name is Angela Michaels, and I've spent the last 24 months of my life finding out the "HOW TO" of that exact question.

Fantasy aside, the fact is some relationships are fantastic. We've all seen them.

What I wanted to find out is: WHY ?

WHY do some women manage to end up in relationships that have deep intimacy, real trust, emotional vulnerability, respect, stability - and still smolder in the bedroom?

I figured all I had to do was ask women who got it right – BOY WAS I WRONG!

It took two years of extensive research  -  and the discovery of some pretty incredible information that is so unknown that they rate as "secret knowledge"!

Some of this I will share with you now.....

  ....The First Secret!   ..

'WOMEN are the selectors'

Men are not the selectors -
we women are!!

Before we look at the proof, before you shrug your shoulders, before you even begin to think

                          <<  so what??  >>

Just consider what this seemingly innocent statement actually means !!

Because my research reveals that regardless of whether women agree with this statement or not - most do not act as if it is true!

Now it's not entirely our fault that we have got this wrong. There are a lot of myths that we are taught to believe.

We know that females choose their mates in the wild. No secret there! Whether it's the peacock with the fanciest tail or the elk with the biggest horn (stop snickering, I'm serious here!) we all know that its the female that chooses which stud she is going to mate with. And the males have to "display" what they have to offer, right?

If you are in any doubt just sit on any park bench and watch the pigeons.

But - and the mistake is an easy one to make - the parallel we "smart" humans made of this was that because females (in our culture anyway) are the ones that seem to do the displaying, then we must be the one's getting chosen!! What's more in many cultures, a woman's parents (or father!) does the choosing for her.

So it has become easy to overlook what nature intends.

However, the proof is out there!

? What is really happening ?

Its such a simple retake. Just a little twitch in the fabric of  illusion and suddenly we can see what is really going on!

Some women "sort" of get it. Especially the HB's (in popular male slang meaning Hot Babes) because they experience so many men falling all over themselves to get their attention. But most of them don't really understand either just how completely they are the one's with all the choosing  power
(let's call it 'selection' power).

Here are a few a little clues revealed from some clever research done in the US and Europe.

The Us researchers set up some observers to watch the interaction between men and women in various night club. One of the findings was that when women do certain actions, men will approach within 15 seconds!!

Another study done in Europe found that when women are fertile they display more skin when they go out to night clubs than they do at other times of the month.

In other words women are not displaying to be chosen.

They are signaling to men their "availability"

(don't get stuck on this word, it has as many meanings as we women want it to have including "just testing the waters to see what will happen")

Most men then behave in a variety of ways that basically says

"choose me, choose me"

How well they do this (some are really bad at it) determines whether we get attracted or repulsed. Whether we "select" him or not!

(Seduction or Pick-Up Artists, by contrast, understand that women are the selectors and have worked out how to "cheat" - much easier to do when women don't understand they have the power to select in the first place!)

Just imagine - for a moment - that all this is true!

YOU, and YOU alone have been given - by NATURE - the absolute power to choose who you mate with. That men have NO choices. ONLY YOU.

Just think how differently you would go about getting a boyfriend, a lover, a husband, a partner, a one-night stand... whatever!

Once we understand what is really going on, how can we fail? If you could choose, you would choose a great guy to spend your time with, right?

He would be loving, strong,
funny, faithful, athletic, etc., (my research shows that some women will add as many as 50 more qualities they want in a guy)

This may give you the  beginnings of understanding there is more to getting a great mate than most of us realize. But, knowing that we women are the selectors is just the first secret for success.

You can find out more about the first secret from my book...

Because we have lost what I call our "selector fitness", we women no longer have the ability to accurately tell which guys are worth selecting as mates  - an ability we are born with but lose as we grow up in a world that has become disconnected with nature!

And so we end up with really bad relationships.

This brings us to the second secret we MUST know if we are to have a happy love life.

Because this is another area where myths rule and we are completely misled about what is really happening.

....The Second Secret!

'1/3 of Men can be faithful to one woman,
1/3 of men can be faithful to several women
1/3 can't be faithful to any women!

The fact is that:
Men are born with one of three possible mating instincts

Most women have split personalities when it comes to finding out about this secret.

On the one hand they know guys that fit onto the last two groups listed in the header.

On the other hand, when it comes to their guy - well, he always is in the first group - of course.

So for many women this secret can be a challenge! But - as we did for the first secret - lets consider the difference that knowing this makes.

First up - I'd like to tell you about something I discovered but had no clue about till I started to do extensive research:

There are many species of animals that have what is called a  mixed mating strategies.

I was taught that in some species the male was monogamous (birds, for example) and in others  he would be polygamous - if he was the strongest male, right!
(lions, for example)

But it turns out that for some types of animals the males of that species can have one of three possible mating styles: they can can be either monogamous, polygamous or be a "sneak" (more of this last one later). And they are born this way.

They don't change their style according to circumstances or opportunity, they are born with one of these mating styles - and that's it!  (It seems that having males within a species with different mating styles has resulted in the  best survival of their species)

Although there are many mammal and bird and reptile species that researchers have identified as having this mixed mating style, the one I like best is the side blotched lizard lizard. And that's because in the side blotched lizard the men come color coded!!

Blue necks are the monogamous males, Orange necks are the polygamous males that have a harem of females and then there is the  yellow neck - or sneaky male.

How great would it be if human males came color coded.

Fortunately, there are (fairly easy) ways that we can tell which males belong in what group - and that is covered in my book in detail!

But for now, consider the sneaky yellow neck lizard - and see if this description rings any bells.....

The male yellow neck is not interested in mating - as such. He does not set up a territory or attempt to attract a female with his strength or resources. The yellow neck sneaks into the nests of other males, gets a female pregnant, if possible, then scarpers - leaving the orange or blue neck male to raise his young!

Now this is a neat mating strategy for the yellow neck male. He needs no resources, makes no "commitment" and can continue to mate with as many girl lizards as he can.

Ringing any bells for you? In fact, there are many examples of orange and yellow neck males in our society - some very famous ones at that. You can find more details in chapter 2 of my book

So think about it....

If we continue to act as if all males are monogamous when they are NOT, then we are going to make some terrible mistakes.

So it is definitely worth looking at the evidence and finding out how to tell which males are monogamous (or polygamous if that is your preference, as it most definitely is for some women)

And most women definitely want to avoid the "yellow neck" males!!

For reasons I give in my book, I estimate that - as for the spotted lizard - human males are distributed roughly evenly between the three possible types.

So that means that 2/3 of men are probably not monogamous by nature. So, try as they might, being monogamous just is not going to happen.

The truth is that most women can not tell which guys are "blue necks", which are "orange necks" and which are "yellow necks"

And so we end up in really bad relationships.

You can find out more about the second secret from my book...

The Rude Awakening:

Most women instinctively try to build a happy nest at some point in their lives... but unfortunately, the facts tell us the sad story of most of those attempts. For instance...

Have you realized that:

Nearly half of all marriages today end in divorce? (and that is the most optimistic divorce rate statistic I could find)

Or that two-thirds to three-quarters of all divorces are initiated by the woman? (Who didn't know which guy would be the right mate for her, and married the wrong man).

Perhaps the saddest thing apart from the pain and heartbreak, is the long term effects from making such a decision:

- The average single mother is nine times more likely to live in deep poverty then her married sister - and her income is less then half that of the official poverty line.

- Children raised under so much stress and hardship are much more likely to end up as drug addicts, pregnant teenagers or delinquents.

- Statistically speaking, being alone at an older age for a woman is more dangerous then being poor, twenty pounds over weight, or having cancer?

As you can see, cherishing a relationship with the right guy is not only very important to our fulfillment and joy in life as women - it's also critical for our health. Both emotionally, financially and physically.

And it's exactly why I went to work for 24-straight-months, researching, interviewing, and arranging material for this book!

As part of that research I read dozens of relationship books which were mostly written to help solve relationship PROBLEMS. 

Relationship books will tell you to improve your communications or tell you that men are "closed" – but that’s about it. That you will have problems in your relationship is EXPECTED.

Nowhere could I find a book that could tell me what I could or should do to get a relationship that works happily and harmoniously  in the first place!

......Even More Secrets!  

It is no wonder that most women end up in  relationships that bring them heartbreak and worse!

Introducing 'Selection Secrets' ™

I have put together an easy to read book with all the information that I believe will HELP you to feel like I did – unafraid to fall in love again !

You’ll learn EXACTLY how to avoid the unfaithful-male types, when to use "chemistry" to help you get a great guy and much more. I’ve also put together a 14-point summary guide for easily identifying which guys can be trusted, which ones are just one-night-stands (its handy to know that too, right!) and which guys will love-you-and-leave-you no matter what!

Reality versus Wishfull Thinking: 

Peter Devries (American comic visionary, and Novelist) once famously said:

"The difficulty with relationships is that we fall in love with a personality, but must live with a character."

With that in mind, let me ask you a question: what if there was a way you could learn to see into his real character?

What if you could learn to see through a man- so you don't waste years finding out what he is really like - the hard way? Or so you don't waste any more of your time on a lost cause? - What would that be worth to you?

Because the fact is you can be swept up on a journey filled with tender romance, exquisite passion, and eternal love... if you know which guys make great mates.

For the first time ever, I've put all the facts in one place. 

Unlike so many books these days, I've made it easy to read... and I've even gone to the trouble of putting beautiful original illustrations and artwork through it - so you can enjoy a book that is not only useful, but beautiful as well.

I've made sure that the pages read easily because the words are broken up with pictures that rest your eyes - and keep you turning the pages - so unlike other books which you start without finishing, you read every important word.

So, what is the price of my book? First let me tell you, this book is 100% original - not recycled old information or filler material.

It is 276 pages of rich, complete information.

So for all the blood-sweat-and-tears that went into producing this book I charge $45.97 and it's worth every penny.

I’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way 

Save yourself precious time and energy - stop searching hundreds of different websites and books and even - for those determined enough! - research articles for the information you need…it’s all in my ebook!

I've exposed the myths and uncovered the answers to your most pressing questions about love, commitment, success in relationships, male behavior, male tricks, seduction, risks, how to avoid heart break, how to get a strong committed lover, what are the signals that he will make a great Dad, …and much more.

Don’t know where to start? My quick and easy introduction shows you EXACTLY where to start and what to do.

So Exactly HOW Do You Get This KIT?

Instead of “publishing” my books the traditional way – I decided to make them into e-books.

That means – you don’t have to go to a bookstore to get it or wait for it to be delivered to you – you can download it instantly.

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You’ll learn EXACTLY when it counts (just when you are getting emotional or excited about a guy!) how to avoid getting involved with the wrong guys, overcome your confusion about what any guy is up to, and much more. 

Also included is a complete set of (fridge worthy) summary guidelines to help you to make the right choice.


Now there are now also TWO bonuses:

*Ten Tips For Getting           Maximum Attraction

Based on hundreds of hours of research this is a unique guide on how to  present your photos so that
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Read What Others Have To Say About "Selection Secrets "

“…I’m 23 and a year ago I discovered that my boyfriend of three years had been cheating on me. We had been living together for 18 months. The thing that really hurt was that it was just so unexpected. Its not like he was an obvious jerk at all. So what I really wanted to find out was how to tell which guys can be trusted? When I found your book it was such a huge relief, I can’t tell you. I was really feeling that I did not want to get involved with another guy. The really incredible thing is that it turns out to be so obvious. I can see now all the signs were there but I just did not know how to read them. THANK you so much for your insights” …

                                                                    - Cindy Moore
                                                                Sydney, Australia

“I have no trouble getting boyfriends. All the same I am 29 this year and I was getting worried that I would not find Mr Right before I was too old to have a family. My main problem was that I could not decide on any of the guys I was dating. None of them had that “chemistry” that I want to have with the guy I marry. Thankfully a friend gave me your book and I now know what I have to do and even better why!! It’s just been a huge relief to finally get some answers.”

                                                                                                 - Joanne Lee
                                                               Seattle, USA

“…So I still have 6 months to go before I finish my degree. In Italy a lot of the guys seem week. I am fed up with guys falling all over themselves to get me a drink or just to talk to me. So when a hunky guy comes along I go all week at the knees and am likely to do things I regret. Thanks to your chapter on male seduction tricks I have turned this around and now have a gorgeous guy doing what I want!  Thanks Angela for the tips!

                                                                                                 - Ghita Ferraro
                                                                 Milan, Italy

 “… I had given up all thought of getting into another relationship. I have had two long-term disasters and the one thing I know is I don’t want another. The thing is, if I knew then what I know now, these disasters could have been avoided. If it weren’t for my beautiful kids it would be quite painful to discover that it all could have been avoided. I mean, it’s like a crime that we don’t know this stuff. Apart from avoiding the heartache I could have been about $650,000 richer if I had only known the secrets you tell in your book (as I ended up  with nothing)…”

                                                                                                   - Marianne Freedman                                                                                 California, USA

One last thought…What is it Worth to YOU?

What is it worth to you to eliminate all pain, suffering and uncertainty from your love relationship?

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What is it worth to learn how to attract the right guys?  

What is it worth to get a BETTER relationship than you have ever seen anyone in your life succeed in getting?

For most woman, I know that would be priceless.

I only wish this information and guidance was available to help prevent me making the terrible mistakes I made in my previous mate choices! So YOU might as well take advantage of all the time, energy and effort that I put into finding all the SECRETS to a successful relationship.

What is it worth to be told:  “You look fantastic!" or "What’s your secret?”, or “Who was that great guy you were with last week?” ??

What is it worth to KNOW your guy won't ever leave you or cheat on you?

By downloading this great set of resources you'll learn exactly how to make this time of your life the most memorable and rewarding time of your life. And NOT the biggest mistake of  your life!

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P.P.P.S. Did you know that 98% of people that have a net worth of one million dollars (or more) have been married for over twenty five years?

Being in a successful relationship can pay for your (future) children education, your entire family's health needs and even eliminate debt.

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