Now You Can Find Out Which Guys Make Great Mates!!

For any women who wants a guarantee of success in love – Selection Secrets has the answers.

Several years ago, the author of  Selection Secrets – Angela Michaels –  was involved in a research project that involved interviewing 18 to 24 years old HBs (a term invented by seduction artists that means “hot babes” – highly attractive women).  The research was about finding out what qualities they were looking for in their  “ideal mate”.

She began to notice a common experience – many of these women had been in long term relationships that had ended because the man had cheated. Heartache was common, even among HBs (so attractiveness is not a protection from cheating!)

But what really changed the course of Angela’s life was the poignantly expressed wish of one  of the recently heartbroken interviewees, who said:

What I really want – is to be able to tell before I get too involved,
which guys make great mates!

It is so obvious that women need to be able to do this, that Angela was shocked to discover that NO ONE had actually written a book about it. Unhelpful “journalese” mag articles – sure. But real tests we can use on any guy and get reliable, meaningful results ?

It had not been done!!

Angela set out to find out if it COULD be done.

And was amazed to discover that not only could it be done but that there was a large and growing group of males who knew it AND were putting in a HUGE amount of effort devising tricks so that women would not be able to work it out (ie which guys would make great mates)!

Angela breaks down her guidelines into four broad areas:

  • The three types of guys (only one is monogamous) and how to recognize them.
  • How to tell when “chemistry” means “he is the one”.
  • Deception in mating – the tricks men use and how to avoid them.
  • The little known secrets of “mate guarding” – and how they reveal who is the perfect guy.

Angela brings together, for the first time,  results from research around the globe plus her own research into famous seduction artists (she has worked on marketing projects for several  including  Playboy LA and John Elanis)

Angela has written a book that was way overdue to be written and has, more importantly, succeeded in taking the risk out of love and mating.

For all women who want a guarantee of success in love – Selection Secrets provides it.